Why should women be the only one obsessed with Jeremy Renner's fine ass?

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I’ll be heading off to San Diego Comic Con in a few days. I’m trying to set up a lengthy queue before I leave so there’s some sort of content being posted.

Also, I’ll try to scope out the Marvel booth and take photos to post when I have a decent Internet connection. I’m not sure if I’ll be attending the Saturday Marvel panel or not so I may not have news but I’ll see what inside scoop I can get. Having connections within Marvel/SDCC goes a long way ;)

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“Aren’t we taught as kids that we’re beautiful because we feel beautiful and not because someone else says so? You don’t look like the model on the magazine cover but you can still be beautiful, so I can’t say I really want to change anything. I’m happy with the flaws I have.”

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feeltherebelspirit said: Have you ever gone to the marvel panel? Maybe this year would be As great year to do it, see the whole cast and what surprises will come up, and then you’re set!

I have gone! I went in 2012, sitting through Pacific Rim, Hobbit, to get to Iron Man 3. It was more than worth it.

I didn’t last year because there wasn’t enough going on that day to hold my interest. That’s the same case this year. I just know how early people line-up for Hall H and I don’t think I have that level of commitment in me for one panel at the end of the day.

Alternatively, I can hang out at the Marvel booth and hope any of the cast pops by and see them closer than I would in the panel.

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SDCC is next week. I wasn’t planning on going to the Marvel panel on Saturday because Hall H is usually a battle not worth fighting…

But all this Age of Ultron information in the past 24 hours has me seriously considering otherwise but I don’t know if I want to sleep outside JUST to go to the Marvel panel at the end of the day.

I don’t know what to do!

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